by Youthnet Hellas, awarded the European Citizen’s Prize 2013
Youth Reporting Capacities

Since 2010, Youthnet Hellas is creating the Annual Youth Report for Greece on a volunteering basis, a practice for which was awarded the European Citizens’ Prize for 2013.

The 'Training for Developing Youth Reporting Capacities' main objective is to help youth leaders from other countries into developing capacities, in order to create their own countries’ Annual Youth Reports.

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Up until 2009, there was an absence of a serious, reliable and valid annual report for the Youth Sector in Greece, validated by an independent source. Youthnet Hellas was the Youth NGO that recognized the need for an independent Annual Youth Report in Greece. This is how the idea for this initiative arose and since 2009, Youthnet Hellas is elaborating and publishing the Annual Report on the Youth Sector in Greece.

The aim of the annual report is to closely examine and assess all the changes and events regarding the youth sector on an annual basis, in an attempt to record and evaluate the Greek youth sector, in order to make young people aware and motivate them to become active. All youth related actions are impartially evaluated in consecutive periods by an independent organization. The Annual Report focuses on two axes. The first is recording the primary legislative and institutional initiatives in areas related to young people, the funding opportunities that are available from national and European organizations, the main national supportive structures related to young people and the educational, training and employment potentials and opportunities for them. The second axis of the Annual Report, presents the main youth institutions and youth representatives such as Scholar Councils, Local Youth Councils, Political Youth Groups and Student Associations. Finally, the Report promotes the importance of NGOs and of informal youth groups as well as the importance of other youth networks.

In concise the scopes of the Annual Youth Report are:

  • Elaboration of a report of the primary national supportive structures related to Young people
  • A presentation of the primary legislative initiatives in areas related to Young people
  • A general report of the institutions and Youth organizations -formal and informal- that are active in Greece
  • A presentation of the potentials and educational opportunities, formal and informal, related to young people and mainly the educational initiatives connected with employment
  • A brief report on the European Youth Programmes and funding opportunities available from national and European organizations
  • A presentation of the reality in Greece concerning youth issues