by Youthnet Hellas, awarded the European Citizen’s Prize 2013
Youth Reporting Capacities

Since 2010, Youthnet Hellas is creating the Annual Youth Report for Greece on a volunteering basis, a practice for which was awarded the European Citizens’ Prize for 2013.

The 'Training for Developing Youth Reporting Capacities' main objective is to help youth leaders from other countries into developing capacities, in order to create their own countries’ Annual Youth Reports.

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8th Unesco Youth Forum Label

The 8th UNESCO Youth Forum, integral part of UNESCO’s General Conference, took place at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, from 29 to 31 October 2013, under the overall theme 'Youth and Social Inclusion: Civic Engagement, Dialogue and Skills Development'. The young participants of the 8th Youth Forum had the opportunity to debate on the main objectives of UNESCO’s Youth Program, and to formulate strategic recommendations for UNESCO’s Member States which were submitted to them during the 37th session of the Organization’s General Conference, that took place immediately after the Forum (5-20 November 2013).

For the first time in the Forum’s history, the participants were also invited to select 15 action projects (three by region) among proposals received through a call for projects issued by UNESCO in July-August 2013 and open to young people and youth organizations around the world.  Amongst 1532 submitted proposals a shortlist of 45 projects was drawn up by an independent jury, and presented to the young women and men participating in the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum itself. During the Forum, the young participants debated and selected 15 projects –3 per region– to receive the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum Label. The label will be a guarantee of quality and excellence of the projects, which should provide their initiators with opportunities to mobilize funds, partnerships and international visibility. It will also be recognition of grass-roots action and engagement by young women and men across the world.

These projects are both powerful and inspiring examples of youth working at the heart of social innovation and bringing about change in their communities. They are expected to develop over the next two years, with some of them unfolding on a local level and others having national or international impact. They stand as a lasting legacy to the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum, demonstrating the power of youth-led innovation and designed to bring social change into communities across the world. Announced on 31 October 2013 during the closing session of the Forum, the 15 action projects were also presented, along with the strategic recommendations, to representatives of the 195 Member States of UNESCO during its 37th General Conference.