by Youthnet Hellas, awarded the European Citizen’s Prize 2013
Youth Reporting Capacities

Since 2010, Youthnet Hellas is creating the Annual Youth Report for Greece on a volunteering basis, a practice for which was awarded the European Citizens’ Prize for 2013.

The 'Training for Developing Youth Reporting Capacities' main objective is to help youth leaders from other countries into developing capacities, in order to create their own countries’ Annual Youth Reports.

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The objectives of the You.Re.Ca. project are:

  • to involve young people in the process of 'active-participation' in youth- related issues
  • to promote voluntarism amongst youth organisations for youth- related issues
  • to promote capacity development of youth leaders and youth organisations, in order to acquaint skills for creating their own countries’ Annual Youth Report.
  • to promote the elaboration of an Annual Youth Report in as many countries as possible and make youth aware of the policies and opportunities surrounding youth issues such as employment, funded projects, education and lifelong learning.
  • to promote networking and co-operation amongst Youth Organisations at International level, in order to exchange experiences.
  • to enhance the role of Annual Youth Reports in decision making centers in order to promote youth issues and problems.
  • to facilitate the promotion of democracy, free speech and open debate amongst youth, through active engagement and unbiased reporting of Youth policies and Actual facts.
  • to promote the importance of the role of youth NGOs in civic society.
  • to promote multicultural dialogue amongst Youth NGOs from different countries
  • to encourage exchange mobility, exchange of experience and ideas’ sharing amongst young people regardless of their nationality