by Youthnet Hellas, awarded the European Citizen’s Prize 2013
Youth Reporting Capacities

Since 2010, Youthnet Hellas is creating the Annual Youth Report for Greece on a volunteering basis, a practice for which was awarded the European Citizens’ Prize for 2013.

The 'Training for Developing Youth Reporting Capacities' main objective is to help youth leaders from other countries into developing capacities, in order to create their own countries’ Annual Youth Reports.

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The implementation of the 'Training for Developing Youth Reporting Capacities' (You.Re.Ca.) project will take place through two work packages:

  • Initially Youth Leaders from NGOs from other countries will be given training in order to develop capacities so that they are able to create their own countries’ Annual Youth Reports. Youth Leaders will be aided into developing skills in order to be able to disseminate the Annual Youth Report. Training will take place online and trainers will be Youthnet Hellas members who are experienced in creating the Annual Youth Report, Marketing specialists, IT and Web Specialists. Training curriculum will include:
    1. Introduction to Youth Policy
    2. Creating an Annual Youth Report
    3. Volunteering and Participation
    4. Training on Communication Tools through the Web
    5. Disseminating Results
    6. Develop Skills on how to Present the Results and Outcomes
    7. Funding Sources for NGOs
    The training methodology will be based on the principles of Adult Education and non formal learning (exploitation of prior knowledge and experiences, work in teams, use of experiential methods etc), while participants will be encouraged to collaborate with others in order to complete short tasks. For this purpose, the Project Method will be followed. Project is an educational enterprise that presupposes active participation, development of initiatives and cooperation between trainees for designing and implementing an 'Action Plan', which in turns is an essential part of writing a Youth Report.
  • Monitoring and Support during Creation of Annual Youth Reports. Following training, Youth Leaders will be supported and monitored through the process of engaging volunteers, creating the Annual Youth Report, disseminating and presenting the results. This will be achieved through web-based communication tools such as tele-conferencing, communication platforms and e-mails’ exchange. Youth Leaders will receive advice throughout all period of planning and developing and delivering their Reports. Support will be given following publication of the Annual Youth Reports as the Youth Leaders will publicize the outcome and make it visible as much as possible.